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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q Conditions of Hire ?
Q My Spin Bike makes a screeching noise when I pedal

FAQ Topics


Q Can I collect my goods after purchase?
Q How do I look after my Treadmill?
Q My Treadmill's running belt slips, sticks or has moved to one side when I run on it. Do I need a new running belt ?
Q What doe's E1 mean showing up on my screen ?
Q What doe's E3 or E6 mean ?
Q What doe's EO mean when it shows up on my screen ?


Q Do I need to do any servicing on my bike?
Q My Exercycle feels like its slipping at the pedals ?
Q My Exercycle screen keeps beeping and turning off and on when I change resistance ?
Q My Exercycle won't change resistance ?
Q My Spin Bike makes a screeching noise when I pedal
Q When I pedal on my bike the screen's distance doesn't work ?


Q I have a Rowing Machine that, when I pull on the handle, it feels like it's giving way or slipping?
Q Is there any servicing involved in Rowers?
Q My screen turns off then on, do I need new batteries ?
Q My seat rollers on the rower are worn, do I spray them with lubricant ?
Q Nothing happens to my screen when I row I.E no distance or calorie counter ?


Q Is there any servicing involved?
Q My Cross Trainer makes a creaky noise, how do I fix this?
Q My Cross Trainer turns off and on when I change resistance?
Q My Crosstrainer won't change tension anymore ?
Q When I use my crosstrainer the pedals feel like they lose grip at high tension levels ?

Equipment Rental

Q Conditions of Hire ?
Q Could I return the equipment early?
Q Could I swap to another machine if it doesn’t suit me?
Q Do you deliver to my home?
Q How do I pay?
Q How much does it cost to rent a machine?
Q Is there a minimum period for the hireage of a machine?
Q What happens if the machine I'm renting breaks down ?

Sales & Shipping

Q Can I trust giving my credit card details over this website?
Q I've just paid, when will I receive my goods?
Q Is there any warranty on this item?
Q What happens if my goods get damaged in Transit ?

Swimming pools

Q Do I need a fence for the pools listed on this site?
Q Do I need to add Chlorine to the water?
Q How do I set up my pool?
Q What maintanence do I need to do ?
Q What surface is ok for my pool ?
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